Egg Island, Dundurn Press (forthcoming June 2022)

short fiction

subTerrain “Winter” (winter 2019)

release any words stuck inside of you – An Untethered collection of shorts (Applebeard Editions) “Talking Bird” (summer 2018)

(parenthetical) – words(on)pages “Venus” (summer 2016)

The Humber Literary Review “Wildflowers” (fall 2015)

The Feathertale Review “Us Beautiful Young Ladies” (fall 2015)

The Impressment Gang “Once the Blade Gets Rusty” (summer 2015)

Five Quarterly “Pike Place” (fall 2014)

Paper Darts “Jeremy or Jacob or whoever” (spring 2014)


Echolocation “fish” (fall 2014)

untethered “green” & “snowbanks” (summer 2014)

The Quilliad “gone west” (summer 2014)

Bitterzoet Magazine and Literary Journal  humidity [chapbook] (winter 2014)

Sassafras Literary Magazine “my palm” (fall 2013)

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